The Pursuit of Happiness

Are you happy?

A simple yet heavy question my husband asks me all the time. Are you happy? I can say with wide eyes YES. I'm happy because I am creating with my two hands a useable art. Products that wrap around the person with invigorating scents, skin loving oils and milks, and luxury items for self care. The items themselves may be "luxury" but self care is not. Self care is so very important. Please, pamper yourself, however that may be, and enjoy it. DO NOT ever feel guilty about doing a little for yourself. An important lesson I've learned in my 30's.

I started this business on a whim and before I knew it my hands crafted products I would have never thought possible. I had creative juices flowing through me. The universe was downloading into me what was I was intended for. I felt useful. Purposeful. Joyful. Happy. I wanted to share those vibes to my tribe.

It was like magic.

Raven & Twig is based on several simple principles, as many businesses are; a mission, a vision, and a why. 

My (our) mission is to provide quality handcrafted bath and body products as a natural and healthy alternative to mass produced synthetics and detergents and to always seek out the most ethically and sustainably sourced ingredients. 

The vision for Raven & Twig is to provide a name brand nation wide that people love and trust for their personal care needs. 

WHY Raven & Twig?

My WHY (why am I doing this?) is that of most usual circumstances. I'm a Work At Home Mom (WAHM) and I started to lose myself as a person, as a wife, as a mother, as a daughter, as a breadwinner, as being useful in the day-to-day monotony. That is why I get up everyday excited for the next creation! The next person I can make happy by making magic with, sharing with, or treating to the creations! That's why I get dressed everyday as if I was going to work, because I am. That's why I hustle all day, for my kids, for my patrons, for my husband. One day I will retire him, since he gave me the gift of staying home with our two beautiful sons. Basically, my why is making people happy! The greatest joy is seeing how you made someone else happy.

This is my pursuit to happiness and I hope you enjoy the fruits of my labor. Everything is made with love and good vibes and the best intentions. If it doesn't the product doesn't make it on the shelves and we switch gears. That simple. 

If you would like to share your thoughts about our products I'd love to hear you! So Summon me!

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