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5 Father’s Day Gifts for The New Age Dad

Father’s Day is fast approaching as we move out of May and into June. I’m sure you have a father figure, someone special, that you would like to pay gratitude to. There are so many ways to say ”I love you” and these 5 items coming soon to Raven & Twig, they do just that.

1.) MALTA MAN - this soap is perfect for the new age dad that is totally down for some good self care. It has a beautiful texture for a nice grip, and smells like a regal cologne. Like dad should be on a yacht with an ascot blowing in the wind. Okay, maybe not that wild. But it does scream exotic freedom with Mediterranean Fig. Well... that also sounds pretty wild.

2.) DRAGON‘S HIDE - this soap is made with activated charcoal to activate that inner beast. The tamer of dragons. The slayer of dragons. The almighty Olympian. Wear your Dragon Hide proudly. You fought hard.

3.) Bay Leaf Beard Oil - Tame that lions mane and keep those flowing face locks nice and healthy with this beard oil. Made with luxurious oils and scented with an exotic leaves blend. It’s sure to be dads favorite grooming tool.

4.) Mountain Air Lip Balm - This spearmint and peppermint lip balm is super cool especially for the dad scaling mountains. He’ll feel top of the world with the cool air blasting his face and a tingle in his lips. Whether that’s metaphorical or in actuality, that doesn’t matter.

5.) Oh My Back! Sore Muscle CBD Balm - We all know the first thing to go out for dad is his back. So what better way to help the guy out than with a sore muscle CBD balm! And hopefully you won’t hear dad yell “Oh my back!” On father’s day. But if he does, give him this balm.

Items will start to trickle in on the shelves earliest by June 3rd. Full collection will be available and ready to purchase on June 10, 2019.

Happy Shopping!


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