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The Ghost Behind The Lens, Continued

Updated: Oct 24, 2018

Get Comfortable With The Uncomfortable

Sprout where you're planted. Or bloom. Whatever they say. Sometimes you're given a situation where you're knee high in cow patties, and what are you gonna do? Sprout. You're gonna sprout into the beautiful psychedelic mushroom you were meant to be. Thats what I had to do.

Photography class was hard with a used 35mm camera and a manual zoom lens. Everyone was taking these cool artsy pictures and I was having a time trying to figure out how to use the depth to my advantage. I always had to have my subjects faaaar away to get a good shot, but sometimes because of that set-up it would lose some of it's meaning. It's raw essence. It was a great camera and the lens was bomb for mountain pics. I have a bunch of those. Cause I lived in Alaska, and mountains are basically life. But I wanted to have more experience with things close up. More real time. More in your face. I wasn't able to do many macro shots like I wanted, but I was able to manipulate my surroundings to get what I wanted. Within reason of course.

Having this zoom lens taught me the value of hard work. How to get uncomfortable with angles and positions to take "the shot". And it also gave me the drive to get a lens that would be better suited to my medium.

And viola! As you can see, I sprouted. I got uncomfortable and laid in the dewy morning grass for this pic of my garden mushrooms.

I also got a better lens. Win win!

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