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Earthly Magic

Updated: Oct 24, 2018

There's diamonds in the forest you know? Glittering and sparkling as the sun pierces through the thick canopy. Underneath and tied to trees, ever so delicately, strands of diamonds drape across the forest floor. They dangle from tree branches and sway in the light breeze, creating prisms on the flora. This is the magic of the Earth. This is where I find my peace, my soul. I see these hidden worlds that are so effortlessly beautiful but also are impossibly intricate. Is there a God? I don't know. But I feel something in the woods. I feel something in the Earth. I see it in the precision of a spider web, the depth of a flower, and in the details of an animals face. The level of accuracy is unfathomable. Everything has a purpose. And in that I feel everything happens for a reason. True, there are some things in nature that have out-served their purpose and have met with demise. However, nature, the Earth, finds new ways to evolve and create. Wether that is God, or Mother Nature, will we ever know.

Nevertheless, this image has me spellbound. What a perfect picture for October, two weeks before All Hallows Eve. I feel like somewhere behind that evergreen lies a mushroom house, to which is home to a Gnome or a fairy, and just behind that is a witches cobblestone, thatch roof hut.

What do you see in this picture, as the gossamery threads adorned with glittering dewdrops shine? Do you see my soul? Do you see my wonder? Can you see how I believe in the magic of the Earth? I hope you do. And I hope my photography makes you question, keeps your interest, makes you believe in something.

I know I believe. I believe in nature. I believe the outdoors is my church. I believe in Earthly magic.


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