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What’s in A Name

Why Raven & Twig? What's in a name?

Throughout time, Raven has been adored, loathed, feared, worshiped. Why? And why such a disparity in symbolism? Well, it really comes down to where you grew up on the globe. For the Native people in the Pacific Northwest, Raven is adored as the shapeshifter-trickster who gave people the sun. In most Native American culture, Raven is seen as a shapeshifter and so the presence of a raven in lore is said to be a symbol of transformation.

On the other side of the world though, Raven is seen as the harbinger of death and something to be feared. In Greek mythology, a raven was seen as bad luck. Ravens also have a reputation as being seen as damned souls or the souls of those that have been murdered and not given a proper christian burial.

Whatever the case may be, there is one constant to the stories of old. They are psychopomps, they are spirit animals that connect the living with the dead. They are the connection between the material plane and the world of spirits.

The Raven represents the Earth, nature, and the natural mysteries surrounding us all.

Not only is Raven mystical, but she is also clever, cunning, inquisitive, and a creator. Scientists have found that ravens and crows alike will use a stick, a twig, as a tool to manipulate the world around them, solve puzzles, and play games. They are playful. They are ritualistic. They are social, but also if there are too many in a crowd they get nervous and stressed. They are almost like little magical creatures with human traits. It's no wonder they have so much symbolism.

The raven to me is not an ominous symbol. Or maybe I'm just fascinated with the macabre? That could be true too. Ha! For me, my Raven (the one in my logo, and some of you are lucky enough to own THE Raven in an art print), is the symbolism of what's deep in my soul. I have always been inspired by darkness, by magic, by the unknown, by science, by whit, by nature, by animals, by folklore, by mythology. I was going to try to create a logo, a business name that was modern, and edgy. Something that carried a lot of social weight. But that's not me. I cannot hide the fact that I just adore fairytales and the mysterious. In fact, the name of my business was ALMOST Crow and Branch, so every time you see a bird in a tree, you'll think of me. But... I don't like crows, and Raven is bigger and fits much much better.

The symbolism even goes deeper. Raven is the mediator between life and death, and my art really brought me from the darkness into the light. I was like a wilted crumpled flower, but my art allowed me to grow and bloom and reach for the sun. My art pulled me out of a depression that has been plaguing me for years. My art makes me happy, excited, curious, enchanted, amazed, inspired, and gives me something that is MINE outside of being a mother and spouse. My business is literally my creative rebirth.

I create with all my being, and I hope that you can feel that with all that I do.

That’s whats in a name.


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